Cintura unisex con nascondiglio x soldi antiscippo art JA7950

Cintura unisex con all'interno nascondiglio x soldi chiuso da una cerniera a lampo. Permette di nascondere molte banconote. in Pelle e tessuto. Facilmente regolabile nella misura da Cm 65 a Cm 115. Per taglia da 30 a 52.

Belt Bank

  • Leather trimmed trouser belt with concealed integral storage compartment
  • Fully adjustable: Waist size 25”-45” (63cm-115cm)

Product Details

The type of invention Q would have been proud of and Bond would have no doubt worn to keep his khaki's up. This leather trimmed trouser Belt Bank has a concealed inner storage compartment that NOBODY will ever discover. Not even your wife! Waist sizes 25in - 45in. Assorted colours available.

Technical info

A smart trouser belt with integral security zip compartment Extra long cash storage facility Leather and cotton construction Fully adjustable to fit waist size 25 to 45" Composition = cotton / leather / metal

  • Tipologia: Accessori da Viaggio
  • Materiale: COTONE e PELLE

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